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The two most important qualities about the Aqualite™ Gardening systems:

  • The transmission values are dramatically increased
  • The sterilizing process already starts within the filter

The Aqualite™ Water Treatment Gardening System

Developed to increase the quality and the transmission values of incoming and recirculating water.

The Aqualite™ Gardening systems purify water from a variety of sources, such as ground water, rain water or re-circulation water.

Aqualite™ Gardening exhibits a documented reduction of bacteria, viruses and fungi from 44% to 98%. The transmission values (T10) is also improved with nearly 100% compared with sandfilters. This lower the cost and improve the water flow using UV lights.

Aqualite™ Gardening systems operate up to flows of 100 m3/hour, and are installed as 1 or more parallel connected filter tanks.


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