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Gutter Systems



  • Best investment value
  • Designs to meet every application
  • Increased production capacity – more plants/m2
  • Increased production efficiency – less labor=less time
  • Integrate with your own irrigation systems

Growing Troughs for Gutter Systems and special designs for lettuce and herbs greenhouse growers

We deliver gutters and gutter systems in designs which fulfill every need and helps by increasing production in greenhouses and nurseries. We offer gutters/NFT for lettuce, herbs, pots and more, and we adjust length and width, to fit your desire. Our gutters can handle up to 70 degrees Celsius and can thereby handle heat from heating pipes and the sun without any trouble. That will prevent crooked and twisted gutters after a few years in a rough climate. We have hanging-gutter, growing troughs, special designed troughs for lettuce and herbs. We have patented growing troughs for tomatoes, which are special designed for drip irrigation and Rockwool. Contact us for more information and get a cost-competitive price on quality Growing Troughs for Gutter Systems.


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