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  • Easy operation on touch panel
  • Automatic EC and pH control
  • Accurate dosing of fertilizer solutions through reliable maintenance free venturi valves
  • Full high/low alarm functions on both EC and pH
  • Handles 4 stock solutions plus acid
  • 4 Fertilizer recipes
  • 4 Valve groups
  • Optional controlled from a PC software
  • Optional controlled remotely over the Internet


Micro 400 Easy Touch Fertilizer Mixer with Irrigation Control and extended features

The Micro 400 Easy Touch has been developed to join and optimize our well known Micro 400. Micro 400 Easy Touch has all the known features from the Micro 400, along with even more features.

This fertilizer mixer is controlled from a touch display, which displays symbols, that makes it possible to operate the fertilizer mixer without being able to read.

You can now have a secure On-demand access by internet connection, so we can help you on the spot, without being there physically.

The Micro 400 Easy Touch gives you a clear overview of the irrigation.