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  • 64 solenoid valves
  • 13 valve groups
  • 13 pre-programmable recipes
  • Recirculation control
  • Raw water dosing
  • Water inflow regulation
  • Controls up to 8 stock solutions and 1 acid/base
  • Stable and precise EC and pH control
  • Flexible setup in case of special customer requirements
  • Can be customized to apply every language
  • Touch-screen
  • PC communication


– All of these features and still easy workable!


The Multicom Fertilizer Mixer is for the professional greenhouse grower worldwide

With it’s user-friendliness and a perfect control of the EC and pH, our Multicom is an easy choice for you.

Have a complete overview of the watering in your greenhouse with Multicom, in your own language.

Fertilizer mixer, climate control and greenhouse automation is the overall way to optimize/increase your production, so let us be of your assistance. Our selection of fertilizer mixers is extensive. We have solutions for every single purpose.

Our fertilizer mixer is easy to use and offers precise  EC and pH control. We use the best quality products and our know-how to give you the very best investment.