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  • Automatic EC- and pH-control, with up to 8 stock solutions and 1 acid/base
  • Up to 15 pre-programmable recipes
  • Up to 500 solenoid valves
  • Up to 50 valve groups
  • Up to 40 starting programs
  • Many start options, such as sun influence, drain, min/max pause, moisture etc.
  • Raw water dosing to lower the EC
  • Easily incorporated into recirculation systems, with added facility for pre-mixing of drainage and fresh/rain water to a pre-determined EC value or flow


The Multiflex Fertilizer Mixer has been developed for growers with high demands of advanced controlling.

This fertilizer mixer is developed for Priva control. It can be controlled as a stand-alone fertilizer mixer or be included in Priva climate control as a complete solution, and achieve the optimal control and overview of the nursery.

Are you ready to take control…

The Multiflex Fertilizer Mixer is aimed by the grower who wishes to integrate irrigation systems with a climate computer.

It will give the grower complete control and flexibility, and possibility to control several irrigation systems and climate from the same software/PC.


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