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Climate Control


  • Energy-saving
  • Controls energy- and CO₂ production
  • Controls heating, ventilation and humidity
  • Controls curtains, CO₂ and grow lightning
  • Controls humidification and air circulation
  • Controls closed greenhouses
  • Dynamic climate control
  • Combines climate with irrigation
  • Flexible with external units
  • Complete overview with Priva Office
  • Customize you own SCADA layout


Priva  Climate Control – The worlds most complete climate control for greenhouses and nurseries

We have the worlds most advanced system for climate control for greenhouses and nurseries.

Priva climate control regulates CO₂-concentration, light, curtains and temperature associated with your crops with precision, intelligence and flexibility.

The systems is able to control your energy production from e.g. boilers, heat exchangers and CHP, so that the energy saving all together will be optimal, compared to source of energy, energy production and CO₂.

We have the highest engineering status on the market of Priva products, so with our knowhow and experience, we can guide you from A to Z when it comes to climate and irrigation.

The Priva climate control can be combined with e.g. a Multiflex fertilizer mixer, so that the irrigation in the greenhouse will be linked together with the climate.

Priva Office user interface gives you a clear and complete overview/control center, and give you the ability to create custom control pages which fit just for your greenhouse.

Get in touch with us and let us guide you for the best solution for your greenhouse

We have continuous courses related to climate control in greenhouses and nurseries

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