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Climate Control


  • Easy to operate
  • Symbols on the switchboard help you to get a clear view of the process
  • Control of the following:
    • 2 separate windows for ventilation
    • 1 heating system -on/off or modulated
    • Combined energy/ shading screen control
    • Three periods each day
    • Two universal programs to control e.g. grow light or start of irrigation

Inside there is an industrial processor, which means quality and the different functions work together. This is the main difference between a cheap PLC solution and an industrial processor.

Tested and certified for more than 10 years


Sirius Climate Control is a simple and reliable climate control

Sirius Climate Control controls the climate optimal in small- and medium sized greenhouses/areas, where a stabile climate is desired.

Sirius climate control regulates the climate in your greenhouse with simplicity, precision and it is user-friendly.

Sirius controls heat, ventilation, curtains and other with great precision, through data from weather station and sensors inside the greenhouse.

If you later on desire to expand with more compartments, then Sirius can be wired together in a larger network and can possibly be controlled from a PC. So even though you start with small steps, there is room to grow.

Contact us, to let you know what a climate control system can do for your production. We deliver and install everything.



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