Fertilizer Mixers and Dosing Units get your business growing

Do you want to give your plants the right nutrition, growth and a good look? Then the fertilizer mixer is important.

Danvan develops and produces the GVI branded fertilizer mixers, ourselves.

The quality and precision is the same. Our fertilizer mixers, mixes and doses exact, and also control the pH value, after bicarbonate is released. It measures, what the plants really receives. There is a lot of pH and EC-controllers out there, but very few are precise over time.

Guidance needs to be in place as well.
We can calculate which type and size fertilizer mixer that will suit your needs best. If necessary, we will create exactly the kind of mixer that you need.

Our program is wide and divided to fit your quantity- and controlling demands.

Contact us, and let us mix the best solution for you.

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You will have a very reliable Danish produced solution with vacuum suction and magnetic valves. It makes less use of moving parts and reduces maintenance costs.


Products for Fertilizing and Dosing in Greenhouses and Nurseries