Innovative management solutions for horticultures

Danvan A/S delivers, prepares and services solutions for climate and water management in horticultures. Our fertilizer mixers create the best growing environment for plants in your business.


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Priva climate control​

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Valves and water filling units

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Gutter Systems

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Fertilizer mixers

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Constructions in 3D

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Experts in climate control

We supply, set up and service products and solutions for climate and water management in horticulture.

Danish-produced quality

We produce ourselves in Denmark and have innovative employees who think outside the box for your horticulture.

Full service provider of gardeners

In conjunction with your requirements, we can be your total partner in innovative solutions for climate and water management.

Development and feedback

Can we do it a little differently, a little better? It is the basic idea of ​​our everyday life.

Salad that does not need to be rinsed and also last longer.

That’s the reality of our good customer Ljusgårda in Sweden.

Our good employees have among other things, fitted some large fully automatic irrigation and fertilizer mixers.

The horizontal gutters have adapted drips, which ensure that the salads get exactly the amount of water and fertilizer they need, depending on where in the growth phase they are.

Watch the exciting tour video, where you get a good insight into the future way of growing salad.

Professional irrigation systems for horticultures

- A little different, a little better

​As a manufacturer of the brand GVI System, we offer complete advice, expertise and customized solutions within fertilizer mixers and valves. Our production is in Denmark, and we have creative employees, who think outside the box for you and your horticulture.

Our brand GVI System is negotiated worldwide by local traders.

We put an overall view of the tasks and make sure there is a connection in the technical installations. In cooperation with your requirements, we can be your total partner in innovative solutions for climate and water management.

Innovation, creativity and design

At Danvan, we focus on innovation, creativity and design and we have specialists in sales, consulting, production and service. Our professional team handles all types of tasks, such as PLC programming, Priva and climate control, 3D construction, valves and everything within water solutions in horticultures.

We are experts in customised solutions for half- and fully automated installations. Areas which in we have known how covers Moving Gutter Systems (MGS), Multilayer vertical (MGS) / Vertical Gutter Systems, hydroponic systems (NFT) and more.

We can also handle other types of programming tasks, and we work among other things in Omron and Siemens etc. We have our own fertilizer mixers and we are complete supplier of MGS installations, both in terms of electricity, water and steel.

Customer Testimonials​

"Speeds up the mixing time"

Firstly I would say thanks very much with your introduce of Micro Mixing 100 and your great technical support...

Steven, Grow Green Farming

"Minimum on manual labour"

I’m happy with your Micro Mixer 200 with 2 recipe program compared with my previous mechanical dosing system.

Luiz Khor, Vegelife Cameron Highlands

"Improving my plants quality"

Thanks for your introduce of Micro 200 Fertilizer mixer, with this machine it help me shorten the fertilizer mixing time.

Rampai Interlek, Gallon

"Thanks to the people at Danvan"

After one cycle of crops we notice this Micro Mixer bring us a good result on agricultural.


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